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Belts and Hoses often go unchecked in todays modern cars, particularly if a car is self serviced. However, belts and hoses are critical to the operation of your engine. A broken belt or hose can quickly see your car overheat, or worse.

Many 4cylinder engines use a belt for timing. These belts should be changed in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specifications, often, this is around 60,000 kms. Failure to replace the belt can lead to the belt breaking, which can instantly destroy your engine, causing thousands of dollars damage by bending valves and damaging your pistons.

So belts and hoses should not be overlooked. They take a lot of heat and movement, which over time, causes the materials to deteriorate and as you have likely seen, can lead to frustrated owners waving away steam pummeling out of their engine bay on a hot summers day.

When we service your car, we check these items and replace where required to prevent this happening to you. We know you would rather be at home blowing the top off a cold beer, than at the side of the road blowing the steam away from your cooking engine.

So call us for an inspection on your belts and hoses.

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